And All Annoying Ads Are OUT!

AdBlocker Ultimate is the most effective adblocker there is! If you do not want to see any ads, anywhere in your digital space, then this is the way to go. No more malware, ads, malicious software or anything unwanted. Surf safe and never be sorry!


AdblockerUltimate for Windows version 6.2, 14 days trial period


Block ads

By default AdBlocker Ultimate blocks all annoying ads on the web like YouTube commercials, flashy banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.

Secure browsing

AdBlocker Ultimate will prevent all phishing websites and fraudulent apps from attacking your sensitive data.

No Acceptable Ads

Unlinke other adblockers, AdBlocker Ultimate doesn't have any whitelisted websites, ad networks or advertising agencies. We don't accept any kind of sponsorship to bypass ads.

No more tracking

AdBlocker Ultimate has a special ability that can disable tracking services on the go. You can be sure there is no one following your e-moves.

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows

AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows is the epitome of protection! It brings all the most powerful tools for protecting your computer and valuable data together and presents the Ultimate instrument to keep you safe. Even though it is such a powerful tool it does not aggravate your computer performance.

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AdblockerUltimate for Windows version 6.2, 14 days trial period

Why choose AdBlocker Ultimate?

  • All Annoying Ads are Out

    AdBlocker Ultimate blocks ads and malicious domains known to spread malware. We have built-in a few extensive filters that offer complete protection against annoying, flashy ads, YouTube commercials, and many more.

  • Surf better and faster

    AdBlocker Ultimate offers you a better and faster web surfing experience. When it cancels out all unnecessary processes, the blocker allows you to use the speed of your Internet to its optimum.

  • Protect your child

    AdBlcoker Ultimate protects not only you, but your whole family! It not only blocks inappropriate content, but also keeps your child from getting lured by phishing and
    fraudulent websites and content.

  • Protect your data

    AdBlocker Ultimate is designed to block all trackers of information. If you do not want to be tracked and spied on, then this is the way to go. AdBlocker Ultimate will block all third party cookies, all kinds of unwanted tracking and much more.

AdBlocker Ultimate for Mobile

AdBlocker Ultimate will keep your devices fully protected from malicious attacks. The application allows you to customize setting which will help you even better filter annoying ads, adult and gambling content online, and protect your personal data and valuable information.

  • AdBlocker Ultimate - block ALL ads in your browser
  • AdBlocker Ultimate Browser

Why choose AdBlocker Ultimate?

  • Blocks all annoying ads

    AdBlocker Ultimate for iPhone and iPad will help you keep the annoying ads away from your device. You can fully control what ads you see and where you see them. If you wish you can remove them altogether or keep some useful ones.

  • Better browsing

    AdBlocker Ultimate for iPhone and iPad makes your browsing experience better and faster. By filtering all unnecessary content you are able to find what you look for much faster. You are free to browse the web without being annoyed by ads and unwanted content.

  • Protect your family

    AdBlocker Ultimate for iPhone and iPad gives you the opportunity to tailor the online experience of family members. If you share an iPad with your kids you can blacklist all inappropriate content to keep them safe.

AdBlocker Ultimate Browser Extension

AdBlocker Ultimate is designed with a single purpose in mind to remove all ads and focus your attention on the content you want. We have included a few extensive filters that offer great protection against annoying, flashy ads, YouTube ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, overlay ads, video, webmail and Facebook ads, and many more.

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Adblocker Ultimate Browser extension version 2.9

Why choose AdBlocker Ultimate?

  • Remove all ads

    AdBlocker Ultimate browser extension removes all types of ads. It comes with extensive filters that stop the annoying ads that get in the way, also malicious domains known to spread malware, disables tracking.

  • Block malware and tracking

    AdBlocker Ultimate Browser extension blocks all attempts of malware entering your computer. It also blocks tracking and unwanted content.

  • Improve performance

    Blocking ads will speed up your website load speed, decrease CPU and memory usage. This will improve the overall performance of your PC and your browser.

  • No "acceptable" ads or whitelisted websites/ad networks

    Unlike other ad blockers we do not have a whitelist for websites, advertisers or ad networks to show you unwanted ads. If you wish to switch on the ads on your favourite website, then you can do so, but we do not impose anything on you. You have the full control.

AdBlocker Ultimate?

  • Blocks all Ads
  • No pre-set whitelist
  • Speeds up computer
  • Overall performance optimization
  • Protection from malicious content
  • Filters all running instances
  • Protects you from all threats

Adblocker Ultimate

Regular ad blocker

Over 2 Million users enjoy AD-FREE browsing experience, thanks to AdBlocker Ultimate.

AdBlocker Ultimate helps users across multiple devices, platforms and browsers to get rid of ALL ADS.